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Lecturer Eddy Borges-Rey once said to us in a class, what primarily drives us journalistically is entertainment (music, film, art, fashion, etc) and sport. I agreed with him, as I was once one of those student journalists, who did nothing but contribute to online music publications. It sounded very ideal to be a professional music journalist, [...]

CMC Staff Explore Visual Art

CMC Staff Explore Visual Art
An exhibition of photographs taken by Eddy Borges-Rey and myself have just been put up in the Pathfoot Building. The photographs are unusual in the sense that they are all taken using mobile phones. The exhibition forms part of a research and teaching initiative aimed at exploring the uses of the mobile phone and its impact on various journal [...]

A glimpse of the future

A glimpse of the future
The Scottish Parliament There is no denying that for many journalism students, a substantial amount of our future will include politics. Not necessarily because we choose this as our area of expertise, but because it affects close to everything that is worth reporting on. Journalism’s relationship with politics goes way beyond what we refer t [...]

Ross Brannigan reviews Professor Rich...

Ross Brannigan reviews Professor Richard Haynes inaugural lecture
If there was anything I would say to describe my initial feelings, as I took my seat in Professor Richard Haynes’ inaugural lecture, it would be surprise. This was the first lecture of its kind I had attended since starting university, and to see a true professor in all his gowned-glory was an interesting factor. However, it wasn’t that [...]

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Graham's sport page headline
Graham’s sport page headline “What’s that? Work experience you say?” For student journalists, there’s nothing better to hear. That’s why I was thrilled to secure myself a four-day placement last week as a sub-editor on the Sports Desk of the Scottish Daily Mail. Based in Glasgow, this was my first time working for a national title. The [...]

Making the Cut, and Pitch Perfect

Making the Cut, and Pitch Perfect
Kiana Kalantar-Horonzi Two Film and Media students from the Stirling University were winners at the Creative Scotland Student Media Awards at the CCA in Glasgow on 20th March. Both proved themselves against tough opposition to pick up coveted awards. Fourth year student Erik van Berlekom won the Live Editing competition, cutting a two minute [...]

The Scottish Cultural Memory Project ...

The Scottish Cultural Memory Project – The Project so far….
Student Crew Phase I with John Archer, Peter Broughan and Neil Blain The Scottish Cultural Memory Project has been established by Peter Broughan, producer, in association with the University of Stirling, Creative Scotland and BBC Scotland with links to Bafta Scotland. The project aims to capture and preserve first-hand accounts and personal m [...]

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Jonathan Witchell Winners
The winner of the Jonathan Witchell Memorial Prize for Best Radio Feature 2013 has just been nominated in the category of Best Audio Programme in the Creative Scotland Student Media Awards.  “Smashed” was produced by Tommaso Aglietti, Laura Best, Grace Pearshouse and Kenneth Port as part of the 3rd year module in Radio Feature Pro [...]

‘Rendering (the)Visible: Figure’: Mov...

Kat blog
I   should begin by saying that, despite the conference title and theme drawing   on Deleuze’s work, the conference I attended wasn’t, in fact, a ‘Deleuze   conference’. This was pointed out to me by one of the conference organisers,   Dr Jennifer Barker (whose writing I very much admire and engage with   extensively in my own work), when I m [...]

Dr Pietari Kääpä edits an issue of St...

Dr Pietari Kääpä edits an issue of Studies in Communications and Cultures on Ecocinema Audiences
In thinking of the ways media studies can impact our awareness of environmental concerns, I have frequently sought to combine ecocritical explorations of the media with studies of audiences. As part of this orientation, I edited a special issue of Intellect’s Interactions: Studies in Communications and Culture. The scope of the issue dr [...]