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4th Years at the BBC

BBC 1group on BBC steps
A group of 4th year Film and Media production students were treated to a tour of the radio drama studios at BBC Scotland in Glasgow last week.  Accompanied by radio tutors Suzy Angus and Janieann McCracken, the students were welcomed by Development Producer of Drama, David Neville.  After a visit to the edit suite, David took everyone into th [...]

Radio Students Receive Jonathan Witch...

Witchell winners 2014
    The Jonathan Witchell Memorial Prize for Best Radio Feature 2014 has been awarded to Carolyn Kennedy, David Mercer, Dionne Cassidy, Eilidh Campbell and Alex Trimble. Their winning piece, “An American in Britain” was produced last semester as part of their third year module in Radio Feature Production.  The programme profiles [...]

Ross Brannigan Reports on #Indyref

Indy Ref 3
Sometimes opportunities will arise in your journalist career that you are just going to have to jump at: the chance to meet a distinguished politician, celebrity, or sports star; the chance to report on an election in a foreign country; the chance to work with a well-known company to cover an event. These chances may be rare, and so you canno [...]

Investigating the “fabric” of Film, M...

‘Fabric #1’ by Janice Morgan-Singh
‘Fabric #1’ by Janice Morgan-Singh When the editors of the peer-reviewed International Journal of Jungian Studies first approached me in the Winter of 2012 with the idea for putting together an IJJS special issue on moving image, I jumped at the chance. Although not a Jungian myself, I have some notable publications on the subject, and a broa [...]

Great Firewall of China tasked with k...

Hong Kong Students Protest
CMC staffer Adrian Hadland was born in Hong Kong and recently spent almost three years working on mainland China. In this article for the website, The Conversation, he writes about the protests currently taking place on the island and about the prospects for a peaceful resolution. You can read the article in full here http://theconversation.c [...]

CMC team covers Scottish independence...

Snapshot 1 (25-09-2014 14-42)
It is fair to say that the eyes of the world, including the eyes of Slovenian media, were on Scotland last week, closely watching how Scotland will decide at the independence referendum. As a free-lance British correspondent for Slovenian TV news Svet on Kanal A (besides being a lecturer in public relations), I covered the referendum campaign [...]

Doctoral student Nadin Mai travels to...

Nadin Locarno
In a recent interview with me, Filipino director Lav Diaz, known for his six-, eight- or even eleven hour films, said: “The people who come [to see my films] are the followers and the curious … The curious will be converted or they will hate you more, depending on how they will see the work.” I belonged to the group of the curious when I went [...]

CMC students play their part in Glasg...

Students from the University of Stirling are playing a key role in bringing the Commonwealth Games to homes around the world. Fifteen people – all on BA Honours courses in the School of Arts and Humanities – are working for TV crews bringing images of the games to an international audience, as part of the Glasgow 2014 Host Broadcaster Trainin [...]

Suzy Angus’s personal history o...

D4 drama
Radio Drama Students This might seem an odd way to begin, but I love films. I really do.  As anybody who knows me well can testify, the huge DVD collection in my house is bordering on the obsessive.  And let’s not even start with the box sets of Star Trek and Dr Who…   So why on earth am I teaching radio? Radio is in my blood. From the days w [...]

Derek Sigurdsson and avoiding catastr...

Derek Sigurdsson at Tern TV
Derek Sigurdsson at Tern TV When I first arrived at Tern I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was nervous and worried that I would do something wrong, accidentally destroy an entire TV show or some other kind of disastrous catastrophe. However, everything went really well. The people were great, the experience was great and my entire time there wa [...]