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CMC students play their part in Glasg...

Students from the University of Stirling are playing a key role in bringing the Commonwealth Games to homes around the world. Fifteen people – all on BA Honours courses in the School of Arts and Humanities – are working for TV crews bringing images of the games to an international audience, as part of the Glasgow 2014 Host Broadcaster Trainin [...]

Suzy Angus’s personal history o...

D4 drama
Radio Drama Students This might seem an odd way to begin, but I love films. I really do.  As anybody who knows me well can testify, the huge DVD collection in my house is bordering on the obsessive.  And let’s not even start with the box sets of Star Trek and Dr Who…   So why on earth am I teaching radio? Radio is in my blood. From the days w [...]

Derek Sigurdsson and avoiding catastr...

Derek Sigurdsson at Tern TV
Derek Sigurdsson at Tern TV When I first arrived at Tern I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was nervous and worried that I would do something wrong, accidentally destroy an entire TV show or some other kind of disastrous catastrophe. However, everything went really well. The people were great, the experience was great and my entire time there wa [...]

Summer Placements for CMC Students

Monta Burge at Tern TV Placement
Monta Burge at Tern TV Placement As part of an exciting new partnership between CMC’s Production team and leading Scottish independent production company Tern TV, eight graduating students competed for summer placement opportunities with the company. Three have been successful. First up was Film and Media graduate Monta Burge, who sums [...]

Jonathan Witchell Memorial Prize for ...

Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway
Bo’ness & Kinneil Railway I’m delighted to announce that the winners of the Jonathan Witchell Memorial Prize for Best Radio Feature 2014, are  Eilidh Campbell, Dionne Cassidy, Carolyn Kennedy, David Mercer and Alex Trimble for their piece “An American in Britain“.  The feature profiles the volunteers on the Bo̵ [...]

Ecology and Contemporary Nordic Cinem...

As part of my ongoing research interest in combining transnational cultural studies with ecocriticism, I recently published a new book, Ecology and Contemporary Nordic Cinemas with Bloomsbury Press. The book challenges the traditional socio-political rhetoric of national cinema by providing an ecocritical examination of Nordic cinema. In it, [...]

Commonwealth Games Medals: Past and P...

Back and front view of medal from 1970 Commonwealth Games
Back and front view of medal from 1970 Commonwealth Games To honour and celebrate the sporting achievements and physical strength of athletes, the Ancient Greeks used to place a wreath of olive branches on the heads of the winners. For the first time, during the Athens Olympics in 1896, the winning athletes received medals. For the past 114 y [...]

Scotland and the Commonwealth Games

The Games
Did you know that a Scottish athlete won the first marathon of the British Empire Games, or that one of Scotland’s most successful medallists was a diver?  For its 84 years of existence, the Commonwealth Games has awarded 8582 gold, silver and bronze medals to a total of 55 countries – 355 of these medals were awarded to Scottish athletes. O [...]

Student review of National Union of J...

NUJ Lecture
The National Union of Journalists is an inclusive union which is devoted to fairly representing a vast range of professionals working in various media divisions including; photographers, broadcasters, critics and many more. It was founded in 1907 and is currently one of the biggest journalists’ unions in the world; they describe themselves as [...]

Erasmus student Fintan Walsh on his J...

Limerick Leader Dru#3834391 (2)
Lecturer Eddy Borges-Rey once said to us in a class, what primarily drives us journalistically is entertainment (music, film, art, fashion, etc) and sport. I agreed with him, as I was once one of those student journalists, who did nothing but contribute to online music publications. It sounded very ideal to be a professional music journalist, [...]