PRstack – so many tools, so little time!

I’ve just stumbled across something which I think could be a PR practitioners best friend in the digital age.

PRstack logo

PRstack is a project which holds almost a directory of 200+(and counting!) tools to help with every aspect of public relations activity. They range from various ways to get in touch appropriate journalists and RSS feeds to digital tools described by developers as ‘the Youtube of slideshows and pdfs’

Users can use PRstack to sort this master list into helpful categories – choosing first what their practice area is (be it PR, community, branded media or influence relations) and then choosing what type of task they need help with.

PRstack is the brainchild of public relations moderniser Stephen Waddington who starting crowdsourcing his project last year.

So how does it work in practice?

First off, the visuals are gorgeous. It’s sleek lines, modern colour scheme and minimalist skin is complimented perfectly by the sites highly reactive and speedy interface.

Actually using the site is great, to a certain extent. Once you’ve chosen your area and goal, PRstack supplies you with a list of tools which may make your life a little easier. Even more helpful, are the little golden star ratings given by other users.

prstack list

But the problem I have with it is the sheer number of tools is a little overwhelming.

Flicking through the tools and reading each description can also be a very good way to procrastinate.

I can imagine once you’ve used a couple of these tools, you’ll begin to learn what works for your project and what doesn’t. Until then – it may be a lot of trial and error.

Then again, surely this is the same pro an con list for every digital tool, app and channel which has become an essential part of our day-to-day routines.

PRstack may well be the lifehack of the future for a PR practitioner, I’m excited to give it a go in the future.
You can try it for yourself here.



2 comments on “PRstack – so many tools, so little time!

  1. The PR Stack is an extremely useful project and another example of the collaboration that can be achieved through the use of digital media and the benefit that can accrue to a community, in this case public relations practitioners. Your point about the sheer number of tools being overwhelming is well made and even more relevant in light of the points made in your previous post about why we are all so afraid of the digital age. The sheer volume of gadgets and tools combined with the fast pace of change can be overwhelming at times so maybe there is a need to define the basic technological requirements and build progressively from there.

  2. I navigated through PRstack and I tend to agree that with the large amount of tools available one could easily end up delaying the action instead of facilitating it. Furthermore reading through those large numbers of reviews I forgot what I was looking for in the first place.

    However with all these links to different tools, one can easily find the right solution which will facilitate a given task.


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