Fingers now on a digital pulse have to keep their finger on the pulse because they know, if they don’t, they will pay the price the next time voters are in front of a ballot box.

Everywhere I look within my own little world at the moment there are polls looming with the General Election in the UK and the Presidential Election in the USA while, here in Ireland, we have two referendums coming up in May and a General Election due within the next 12 months. Continue reading Fingers now on a digital pulse

The power of Twitter

Press conference with standing microphonesPicture this.

You are standing behind a lectern to which there are about a dozen different coloured microphones attached. Behind the microphones are dozens of cameras, their flashbulbs popping, while the TV lights are blinding and hot. As you clear your mouth and prepare to speak, you are acutely aware that what you are going to say is going to be broadcast, recorded, reported, analysed and commented on because, in this room, listening to your every word, are members of the world’s media. Continue reading The power of Twitter

Sport scores with Social Media

Football selfies
CLOSER: Social Media has brought fans and players closer.

The concept that drives Social Media is community. It is groups of people coming together with the assistance of digital technology to share common interests.

Sport is also about community. Groups of people come together to share their common interest in a particular sport, team or player and, therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that the combination of sport and social media has been one of the major successes of the digital era. Continue reading Sport scores with Social Media

The woman who foresaw PR’s digital future

Betsy Plank
VISIONARY: Betsy Plank

On November 7, 1982, the annual lecture to the Foundation for Public Relations Research and Education was entitled: “The Revolution In Communication Technology for Public Relations” and was delivered by the Assistant Vice-President Corporate Communications of Illinois Bell Telephone Company, Betsy Ann Plank.

I read it recently and it was like looking into a crystal ball, with the benefit of over 30 years of hindsight , and realising that most of the predictions about what the digital age would bring were spot on. Continue reading The woman who foresaw PR’s digital future

How the world turns green for a day every year

St Patrick's Day Greeting 1Beannachtaí Lá Fhéile Phádraig daoibh go léir which, in English, means Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all!

March 17 is Ireland’s National Holiday and is celebrated not just across the length and breadth of the small Atlantic island off the west coast of Europe but right around the world from Beijing to Boston and Berlin to Buenos Aires. Most people’s view of the day is one of parades, shamrock and everything going green, including the beer! But, St Patrick’s Day is much more than engaging the world in the craic. Continue reading How the world turns green for a day every year

The worrying trend behind viral stories

DominosOne thing which Convergent Media has been able to deliver is the viral story. This is a story which shoots around the globe via digital media having usually started life as a post on a social media platform. Sometimes there is no public relations involvement at all, merely a citizen posting something they feel may be of interest to their followers who in turn forward it on to their own circles and the result is a domino effect as the story moves around the world, much like several thousand stacked dominos being knocked down one by one after the first one is pushed. Continue reading The worrying trend behind viral stories

The Name Game

Welcome to The Digital Dais. Before you start googling, logging on to an online dictionary, or even scanning a bookshelf for a hard copy version, to figure out what the word “Dais” means let me remind you that it means a raised floor at the end of a hall. In other words, a stage. This Blog is part of my Master in Strategic Public Relations course at University of Stirling and thus represents an opportunity to take part in the ongoing discussion about the influence that technology is having on public relations theory and practice. Therefore, this is my soapbox. Continue reading The Name Game



Hi, I’m Gerry McDermott, an online student of the University of Stirling’s Masters in Strategic Public Relations. This blog has been created as part of our course and will carry my thoughts and observations on the use of digital media within public relations and, hopefully, contribute to the ongoing discussion.